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Cat 6 Installation cost
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How much does it cost to install Cat6 cables? Unfortunately, there isn’t one universal answer to this question. Cat6 Installation cost can be different for each project, certain factors will affect the estimated cost. For example, working hours, building construction, and building occupancy. Although an average estimate can be taken for similar projects, its always best to have a survey so you have an accurate quotation.

Cat6 Installation Cost Estimate (Price per Point)

Within the industry the most common guide for pricing is ‘price per point estimate’. Price per point is the cost of each data cabling outlet. However, it’s important for you to know that these estimations are not 100% accurate. Certain factors will affect the total cost, causing it to move out of the estimated range.

For a Cat6 structured cabling project with a minimum of 20-24 data outlets in a traditional office environment, we’re able to estimate a price range that will be accurate based on previous projects. For this type of project, the cost average per point will range from £47.00 - £62.00. This is allowing for the Cat6 cable, modules, and patch panels. This pricing could of course be higher or lower depending on the requirements

Cat 6 Cabling can be affected by the following
  • Working hours. Out of hours (Evenings & Weekends) work is charged differently.
  • Building location. Access and parking.
  • Building construction. False ceilings/floors
  • Building Type. E.g., warehouse and listed building are more complicated.
  • The distance of the outlets from the main comms room.
  • Overall number of Cat6 outlets.
  • Location of the Cat6 outlets.
  • Requirements for building work (making routes and holes)
  • The mixture of internal cabling against external cabling.


The next step in your process should be further discussions with the project manager. An onsite survey is highly advised. A survey will allow both parties to fully understand the requirements of the project. A survey will ensure that nothing is missed thus, giving you an accurate quotation.

Due to many reasons, surveys are not always an option. So, how do you overcome this hurdle and still obtain an accurate quote? The 1st thing to discuss with your project manager is, can you do a virtual survey? If this is not possible, providing your project manager with the following details will ensure that receive an accurate quote.

  • The provisions of floor layouts
  • Photos of the building and the routes
  • Building location & occupancy
  • The required working hours
  • Any restrictions (noise, listed building)


What will make the  average cat6 installation cost lower?

Building type

A building with existing false floors or ceilings is more suitable for structured cabling installation. A building with solid ceilings and minimal existing routes will be more problematic. Therefore, a building with good existing routes will allow for a smother installation. This will result in a lower average cost.

Spread of the cabling outlets

Generally, office desks are always grouped together, this means many cables will be installed in the same area. Thus, reducing installation time. In contrast, in a school you may have Cat6 cable to each classroom. Therefore, additional installation time is required to access area for a single cable.

Increasing overall Cat6 outlets

The more cat6 outlets there are in a single location, the lower the overall average per point is. Certain elements remain fixed so when you increase the outlets the average cost reduces.  For instance, if you install 48 Cat6 cables instead of 24, the cost doesn’t double. The cost will only increase by an incremental amount.


 What will make the average cat6 installation cost cable higher?

Building location

The building location and access will make a difference to your overall cost. For instance, an office in central London will have higher parking costs and access considerations in comparison to an office in greater London.

Additional containment

In a office with existing routes and containment, the only requirement is to install the cabling. In contrast, an office with little containment or poor routes, additional containment will need to be installed before the cabling.

Working Hours

Working hours can also make a difference to the overall cost. Evenings and weekends are commonly quoted at a higher cost. However, working while the building is unoccupied can also be an advantage as it allow the work to be completed with minimal distractions.


Cat6 installation cost summary

As previously discussed, all projects are unique so undertaking a survey is the best option for an accurate quote. In addition, there are some projects where certain elements are more complicated therefore, not suitable for the average estimate. These types of buildings either involve additional time, materials, or bespoke elements such as power access. Lastly, the building can also have difficult routes, require a wider range of cabling dispersal or extra height consideration.

Examples of these building are
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels, hostels, Apartment block
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Construction projects

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