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What is a soundproof data cabinet?

A soundproof data cabinet or soundproof server rack can be a great solution when you wish to avoid housing your data cabinet in a dedicated communications room. This could be due to space limitations or due to the layout of the space you occupy. For example, in a retail store, there is rarely enough space for a dedicated room. However, if you install a standard data cabinet, the noise from the servers and fans can disrupt your working space

Therefore, a soundproof cabinet can be incorporated to house your technology and avoiding the issue of the technology, hum, and noise leaking into your retail space. A soundproof cabinet is also known as an acoustic cabinet due to its acoustic reduction capabilities

The same solution can be employed in any space where you choose to or have to place a data cabinet in your working area. The following are examples where soundproof data cabinets or soundproof server racks are commonly used

  1. Retail Spaces and Shops
  2. Open-plan offices
  3. Additions to office space such as a new area that required a cabinet but not a whole room
  4. IT Suites in Education
  5. Training Rooms
  6. Conference Rooms
  7. Boardrooms where the cabinet houses the audiovisual equipment

What is a Soundproof data cabinet construction? 

Different cabinets have different ratings for noise reduction and cooling. Besides, they also come in a varying range of styles. However, the following is a good guideline to the performance and information on soundproof server racks

  1. IP54 Rated
    1. Some protection against dust ingress
    2. Protection from splash water
  2. Constructed internally with acoustic foam to assist noise reduction
  3. Capable of reducing noise decibel levels omitting from inside the cabinet
  4. Capable of providing up to 95% noise reduction
  5. Available in wall-mounted and floor standard options
  6. Available in metal standard design and office furniture options

What are the options for Soundproof Data cabinets?

Soundproof data cabinets generally are divided into these designs

  1. Standard soundproof server racks - These are similar in design to a standard rack. Therefore, the aesthetics of metal surrounds and the look of a common data cabinet. They also have no internal cooling
  2. Cabinet design soundproof server racks - Internally these are the same as the cabinet above, but the exterior is designed to match and look like a piece of standard office furniture. Once again these have no internal cooling
  3. Internally cooled and soundproof server racks - These racks have an air-conditioned unit on the side that circulates cool air through the cabinet. They required no extract
  4. Internally cooled and externally feed soundproof data cabinets. Similar to the previous cabinet but with external cooling tubes to dissipate the warm air and work to a high cooling threshold. 

The internally cooled racks can also be found in both standard design and office furniture options

Advantages of a Soundproof Data Cabinet

Saving Space

The cabinet is a solution to avoid building a communications room. A communications room for a single cabinet will generally measure a minimum of 3m by 3m. Therefore, by installing a standalone soundproof server rack you are covering a floor space of 1m x 1m maximum and thus saving space

Reducing Costs

The cost comparison of installing a higher-priced soundproof server rack compared to building a whole room is a big difference. Besides, within the communications room, you will need to install a standard cabinet anyway. Although the standard rack is less money, the costs saved on the room construction make a soundproof data cabinet a cost-effective solution

Faster implementation and installation

In situations where you need to move into a location quickly or extend to a new part of a building, the soundproof cabinet allows a faster start-up of work. The cabinet can be put into place and used immediately. By comparison, a communications room may take several days to complete

Reduced Disruption

When expanding to a new part of an existing office, a cabinet that can be immediately put into place reduces the disruption to existing staff. Furthermore, it avoids the planning and concerns of having builders and trades on site among your employees. Besides, installing a new room may require changes to existing lighting and power which can disrupt the existing working systems. 

Easily swapped

For situations where you currently have a standard rack in and an open space, a soundproof server rack can be swapped out quickly and with minimal disruption. The existing cabinet may be committing too much noise or overheating. In both scenarios, an acoustic data cabinet or internally cooled cabinet can be swapped for the existing. 

Soundproof Data Cabinet Summary

As a soundproof data cabinet will be on show within your building, the choice of the cabinet becomes more important. For example, in a communications room, the cabinet is rarely seen. However, in your open space, it will be seen at all times and more importantly heard at all times if the correct cabinet is not chosen.

We offer a range of installation options and our project team is happy to discuss these with you to provide the best solution for your soundproof data cabinet requirements




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