Wifi cabling

Large Area WiFi

  Wi-Fi Solutions for Large Buildings Wi-Fi is a crucial element in any building where there are people, be it a domestic or a corporate setting. But, when you’re dealing with Large Area Wi-Fi, your needs to be more advanced than just having a router. Wi-Fi technology has certain limitations associated with it, so it’s

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What affects WiFi speed

What affects WiFi speed In a business or enterprise, there may be various factors regarding what affects WiFi speed. Furthermore, performance, coverage, or connection speed. Some are easy to fix, others require troubleshooting or a high, technical level of investigation. Wi-Fi is now the way of the world and it is a necessity in the

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What cables do I need for Wi-Fi?

What cables do I need for Wi-Fi? Types of Internet Cables for Wi-Fi There are a few choices of cabling when looking at supply WiFi devices. The choice of cable will depend on the speed requirements and the type of Wi-Fi product chosen. Firstly we have a look at the types of internet cables for

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