Cat6 10Gb cabling

Cat6 Cable FAQ – 22 Frequentley Asked Questions

    Cat6 Cable FAQ Below is a list of Cat6 cable FAQs that we have commonly been asked during inquiries and installation of various Cat6 cabling projects. For further information, our project team is happy to help or arrange an on-site survey for further assistance. What is a Cat6 cable? Cat6 cable is a

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Cat6 vs Cat7 What is the Difference?

Cat6 vs Cat7. What is the Difference and which should I choose for my installation? The first consideration when choosing Cat6 vs Cat7 is what is the outcome you are trying to achieve with your data cabling infrastructure. Secondly what technology is that data cabling supporting. Thirdly what are my future expansion expectations, what will

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10Gb Cabling – Why Use 10gb Cabling in your Business?

10Gb Cabling – What cabling do I need for 10Gb Ethernet Which Standard? Many business owners overlook the critical importance of the IT infrastructure that their company runs on. Furthermore the demands for bandwidth continue to rise as video and multimedia become more essential, and these systems will play an even greater role. Things like

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