Marine and Yacht Audio Visual Installation Services

Yacht AV Systems, entertainment and communication solutions

We have many years of experience working on luxury yacht Audio Visual installations in various locations around the world. Accordingly our expert technicians integrate seamlessly with marine contractors. Therefore providing high quality marine specific results to ever changing timescales, budgets and requirements.

To illustrate marine installations must incorporate the most luxurious and discreet systems. In addition they must withstand harsh weather and choppy seas. Hence we offer the latest theatre-quality yacht audio visual installation systems. Furthermore WiFi and music systems, lighting automation, CCTV, security and access control.  For this purpose we can bring all these technologies together in a single interactive touch panel or control system.

For this purpose we provide a personal and bespoke marine AV installation and upgrade service all over the world.

AV and Data Network Installation services for the marine industry

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International Coverage for Yacht Audio Visual Installation

Generally the location of many of the marine installations are based internationally. Furthermore for the most part these installations are throughout Europe. However servicing Yachts which are dual season will see support for these yachts in both Europe and The Caribbean / USA.

In addition the servicing and maintenance is generally in a small time window between charters or owner usage. Therefore we have to travel wherever the boat is to undertake that maintenance work. Furthermore certain time restrictions require us to undertake the work while the yacht travels from destination to destination and in between charters

For example on just one single super-yacht our team have had to attend the following locations or ship to the following locations just to update and maintain this single vessel

  • Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum – Turkey
  • Loano, Livorno, Genoa – Italy
  • Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca – Spain
  • Cannes – France
  • Montenegro – Croatia
  • Antigua

An engineering team is sent to the vessel, the works are carried out in short time windows and with long shifts. In addition the team are supported remotely with remote technical support, updates and downloads

For the specific case study of our work on the Wellesley Super Yacht Please Click Here

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