Data Cabling and Fibre optic Installation for Imagination London

Client: Imagination Group / Abbeymead Building | Sector: Marketing | Duration: 12 Months

Imagination Data Cabling Atrium

Imagination are a worldwide marketing / branding company, during 2015 their head office based in Central London was completely re-furbished

The project involved data cabling, fibre optic cabling, floor boxes and containment, electrical installation, lighting and Audio Visual cabling

There are 6 floors on the front of the building where screed trunking and floor boxes were involved. There are 5 floors on the rear which are standard floor tile false floor installation requiring a range of expertise and service

Other areas included a display gallery, reception areas, security offices, restaurant and meeting rooms and boardrooms.

There is a central atrium area where lighting and data cabling needed to be installed via a high level boom lift

The time-scales throughout the project were very precise and tight due to the nature of the building remaining an operational office throughout the project. Each floor was phased in 2-3 week periods creating a fast track installation across all areas

Specialised areas were also included in the project due to the nature of Imagination’s operations. Edit suites with sound and vision editing equipment were installed; project design rooms with projectors, displays and specialised lighting were also part of the project

There was also a high end AV and IT laboratory which incorporated flood wiring of Electrical Cabling, Data Cabling and Audio Visual cabling links.

Imagination Group Data Cabling Lighting and AV – See the full Case study