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Passive Optical Networks

Broadband network access is a crucial element of all modern homes and businesses. And it’s a service that is constantly evolving. The main objective of this evolution is to provide broadband solutions that are faster and more effective. One of the most exciting developments in this area has been the concept of a Passive Optical Network (PON)

What is PON in Telecommunication?

Fibre optic technology is at the heart of PON and helps to drive its success in the world of telecommunication. Taking a single optical fibre, a PON divides the fibre bandwidth with the help of fibre optic splitters. By dividing the bandwidth into this manner, a PON can utilise multiple wavelengths for data. Therefore, one wavelength – on a single fibre – can be used for downstream traffic and another wavelength for upstream traffic. This allows the PON to act as the final step between a single ISP and its many customers.

What are the Benefits of PON?

PON telecom technology is an innovative telecommunication solution and brings with it the following benefits:

  • High Speeds: If there is one thing that consumers want from broadband networks, it is speed. And PON generates the highest possible speeds. PON can easily handle speeds of 1 Gbps and, in the case of shared fibre, this can rise to 2 Gbps. Speeds such as this will significantly reduce waiting times in transferring data and provide a seamless internet experience be it updating a database or accessing cloud services.


  • Scalability: The nature of PON’s ‘single fibre to multiple end points’ structure means that it offers great scalability. A standard fibre optic network will find a single fibre going from the central provider directly to a single customer. But the design of a PON allows a single fibre to be split among 32 different connections. Therefore, it’s much easier for a business to expand their IT capabilities when they are backed by a PON structure.


  • Choice of Services: The multiple wavelengths available on a single fibre allow you to take advantage of more internet services than ever before. The main benefit of broadband network access is the internet connection it grants you, but PON brings additional services. Phone services and video conferencing software can also use the same line to deliver a comprehensive telecommunication package.


  • Reliability: A bad broadband connection can seriously impact your productivity. A connection that lags or frequently disconnects is far from an ideal solution. You need your connections to be reliable and that’s exactly what a PON brings. The fibre optic cables of a PON are light, flexible, and don’t rely on electricity. And this means that they won’t be affected by static or electrical signals. The connection is both reliable and more secure than traditional copper wire solutions.


  • Affordable: With all of these obvious benefits available through a PON, it may come as a surprise that it is also an affordable broadband solution. As a single optical fibre can connect to numerous users, there are fewer material and infrastructure costs involved. This makes it much more affordable than an exclusive fibre connection between yourself and a provider.

What is GPON?

GOPON is a PON system that can carry Gigabit bandwidth throughout the system. This allows high bandwidth and the reduction of bottlenecks commonly seen in copper cable backbone systems

The distribution reach of GPON and PON is also much longer depending on the manufacturer but in the region of 12.5 miles

GPON is also able to support multiple carrier services such as video, voice, and data enabling it to be an all services solution in a single design


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