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A Guide to Luxury Yacht AV Installation

A luxury yacht, by its very definition, should ooze quality in every area. And a luxury yacht should always have a strong emphasis on entertainment. Therefore, you need to invest in the best AV multimedia solutions.

Now, the world of AV equipment is a complex one and superyacht AV installation is comes with particular nuances however, spectacular marine audio-visual solutions can easily be achieved and will transform your yacht almost instantly.

Installing Luxury Yacht AV and onboard Entertainment Systems

There’s no reason why Superyacht AV installation shouldn’t be able to match the high end specifications of a home AV system, particularly if you focus on the following:

  • Available Space: A luxury yacht will always have space constraints. And this can present a problem when it comes to marine audio-visual solutions. The complexity of an AV system and its build means that it can take up a lot of room. Always start a luxury yacht AV installation by running a thorough survey on available space. You can then base your equipment, cabling routes and install around these dimensions.


  • Secure Everything: A home AV system is unlikely to experience movement and will comfortably sit still over its lifetime. But it’s very different on a luxury yacht. The unpredictability of the sea means that, even in calm waters, a yacht will frequently be moving. And this is why everything needs to be secured. Equipment and cables all need to be fixed down securely to prevent them from falling and causing damage. So, once your AV equipment has been decided on, start investigating the best way to secure it.


  • Integrate Automation: Operating a yacht is a 24/7 concern, so anything that makes this easier is appreciated. Marine and yacht automation systems are critical for the smooth running of a yacht. And AV systems are more than capable of meeting this need. Smart AV systems allow you to simplify the operation of complex AV systems. Customisable hubs can easily be installed to help you manage your entire AV system from one screen. This allows you to get the best out of your AV system whilst operating a yacht at the same time.


  • Waterproofing: The arch enemy of Superyacht AV equipment is water, you will be surrounded by it. Waterproofing, therefore, will be essential. You won’t, of course, need to waterproof everything. Protecting a speaker in an internal room, for example, is a rather redundant exercise. But cabling, which may run all over the yacht, should be made as waterproof as possible. And, don’t forget, remote controls and devices such as tablets can easily make their way to external areas of the yacht and need strong protection from water.

You want your superyacht AV installation to be the very best it can be. But it’s difficult to deliver a world-class installation without a wealth of knowledge. Thankfully, this knowledge is easily accessible when you team up with professionals. With their years of experience, they can bring a level of expertise which will insure that your AV installation delivers on every front.

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