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PAT Testing Regulations

PAT testing is the name of Portable Appliances Testing in several countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. With PAT testing regulations, electrical items and appliances are checked regularly for safety. The official term for this process is “service inspection and electrical equipment testing”.

Here, we are going to discuss PAT testing rules and regulations in the UK only. Presently, there are no absolute legal requirements for the PAT testing process. The UK government has rules and regulations to keep people and businesses safe and secure. You will be required to perform PAT test for commercial settings to fulfill different health and safety regulations.

PAT testing is needed for all HMO landlords to conduct a PAT test on an annual basis for the electrical appliances. Presently, private firms are not required to conduct PAT testing within the properties.

If you follow PAT testing regulations, it will be helpful for you to make sure that portable appliances are safe and secure in your business. It will also help you to avoid violations. PAT testing regulations were enacted to make sure that all the companies are compliant. Thus with the safety and health of the Act of 1974. Furthermore the Electrical Work Regulations of 1989 and the Supply and Use of Work Equipment of 1998. Finally the Regulation on health and safety management of 1999.

Current law requires all employers to maintain and make sure of the safety and security of portable appliances. It is used to test for equipment to protect against damage and to ensure that these items perform properly.

PAT Testing Regulations and PAT Testing Act

The PAT Testing Act requires all homeowners, employers, and even individuals who are self-employed to ensure that their movable electrical equipment is safe and fit for use. These items must always be safely maintained and in decent working order.

The procedures are intended to ensure that the equipment is kept safe and maintained. Furthermore with  regularly maintenance as well as inspection. It is also highlighted through periodic testing. The use of all electrical equipment can cause damage and defects, which makes it necessary to test these items regularly for safety.

PAT is tested to make sure that all electrical appliances that are classified as “moveable”. Furthermore those that are considered safe and secure for use. The regulations assume that any proficient person can perform this using a PAT tool or tester. In addition to the actual PAT test, the visual test of each device should be performed only by a person who is more experienced.

PAT Testing Authroised Persons

Under PAT testing regulations, an authorized person is someone who has experience or familiarity of being capable to test and check equipment for safety purposes. In general, people with knowledge of electricity as well as anyone with experience in electrical work can be considered qualified.

Therefore employers, property owners, and commercial people need to follow the rules to make sure that their workplaces are secure and safe. Testing can be done by various PAT testing methods and is one of the numerous services we offer

The PAT testing certification has no particular expiration date.Therefore it may depend on a few other factors. However it is recommended you have a new PAT test after every 2 years for your hotels, shops, and office appliances. Besides, stationery and IT appliances should have a new certificate every 48 months (4 years).

The HSE website covers this is great detail here

PAT testing costs

PAT testing if often quoted in different ways. We will discuss here the normal prices for PAT testing all over the UK. The cost of PAT testing depends on the different factors such as the number of appliances. Furthermore the working environment, and factors such as travel to conduct PAT testing. The most important factor is how many appliances you have to test.

You may have to pay as little as  70 -80p for each item if you have hundreds and thousands of appliances for your commercial space or business. But, if you have a smaller number of items, you have to pay £1.00 to £2.00 or more for each item. Moreover, the charges for building sites and industrial environments can be higher. In addition hard to reach outlets such as built in desks can increase the time and the cost

Expert PAT-Services

PAT testing is a special process that goes into detail, making sure that electronic gadgets completely fulfill the UK Health and Safety guidelines.

Therefore as a workplace owner, with current rules, you have a responsibility to make sure that all workplace equipment complies with strict health and safety standards. This is part of the reason for PAT testing electrical items.

PAT testing is a fast, cost-effective, and efficient process that gives your business complete peace of mind, making sure that on-site and off-site use is safe.

The PAT test can also potentially help reduce insurance premiums, which can be improved by acting as a risk assessment aid.

How often do PAT tests need to be done?

Generally, PAT testing is minimal and it is not conducted more frequently than once every 2 years. However, the suggested frequency depends on other aspects and conditions such as device space, type of appliance, and much more.

What needs PAT testing?

The PAT testing outline is generally to test any moveable/portable appliance. Essentially, if the appliance has a flexible cable or wire to connect to the power supply, it counts as a movable appliance and requires to be tested. Without PAT testing, portable appliances may cause a fire hazard threat for your building. With PAT testing, you and your appliances can be safe and secure. It also reduces the chances of any kind of threat or tragedy. So, to remain safe and secure, you must fulfill all PAT testing requirements.

Who can perform a PAT test?

As per rules and regulations, a competent and proficient person can conduct a PAT test. You can also take a PAT testing course to achieve PAT testing qualification or hire a qualified electrical company who can do the work for you. We are able to offer this service for you

A competent person can be defined by the following. A competent person must have;

  • A good electrical work experience
  • Proper understanding of the system
  • A worthy practical experience in the relevant system
  • Proper knowledge of electricity
  • Ability to know if it is safe to move forward or not
  • An accurate idea of the dangers that can arise around appliances
  • Knowledge about the necessary precautions to avoid potential dangers

If someone fulfills all the above-discussed requirements, they are suitable for PAT testing.


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