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Office Fit Out design – Building New Cabling into Your Fit Out.

With so many people working from home at the moment, there has never been a better time to make improvements to your office. This argument is strengthened by the fact that offices need to be made fit for future use e.g. flexible working and social distancing. And, as we all know, cabling is crucial to any successful office space. Therefore, you need to make sure that cabling is given due consideration when it comes to your office fit out design.


Efficiency through Smart Office Cabling.

Cabling is a basic amenity of any commercial space and ensures that businesses can easily maintain IT networks and communication systems. These two elements allow you to remain productive and competitive. But there’s always room for improvements and that’s why an office fit out design is so important. A redesigned office will not only enhance your productivity, but, given the current climate, it will make it safer for employees. And cabling can make a significant contribution to achieving this. But how do you make sure cabling is considered in the design?

Planning Structured Cabling.

When it comes to new cabling in an office fit out it’s essential that you do these three things: plan, plan and more planning. Cabling systems, after all, are highly complex operations which require careful thought and innovative strategies. The last thing that any business wants is for their floors and walls to be decorated with all manner of exposed cables. This is why it pays to plan ahead and sketch out every possible configuration that could work. And then it’s a simple case of picking the best one which suits your commercial space and your budget.


Fit out of buildings.

Cabling solutions come in all manner of shapes and forms, but two of the best to build into your office fit out design are:

  • Floor Box Installation: One of the easiest ways to provide access to data ports and electrical sockets is through a floor box. These stainless steel boxes are designed to be used within raised floors and can be installed relatively quickly. The floor box is installed in a position which is flush with the floor surface and allows cabling to be connected discreetly and easily. This is particularly important when it comes to flexibility as it allows your employees to be situated anywhere in the office as opposed to electrical points by walls.


  • Office Containment: Cable networks, particularly those used in IT and communication, can be very complicated. As a result, managing and keeping them organised is a difficult task. However, help is on hand in the form of cable containment solutions. These products allow you to not only isolate power and data cabling, but also support cabling along its route from supply to device. All manner of options are available when it comes to managing your cable system such as cable trays, trunking and racking.


You can make a weighty contribution towards the flexibility and productivity of your office by redesigning your cable configuration. All you need to do is make some simple upgrades and adjustments which allow your cabling to serve your office better than ever before. And now is the perfect time to complete your office fit out.


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