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What is access control on my phone

Access control on your phone is simply a situation where you have an App or piece of technology on your smartphone. This is commonly known as Mobile Access Control

Furthermore this enables you to control and access security locks around your building. For the most part people are used to a separate access control method. These can include

  • A ID card or separate plastic card
  • Some type of specific access control fob
  • Keypad entry via numbers or code
  • Biometrics

Since phones have become an integral part of our lives they are generally always with us. Therefore leveraging them for access control is a great strategy for your building security. For example cards and fobs are easy to pass to someone else. However who would be willing to give their phone away to someone else? Furthermore they would need to give away their phones security access or password to the other person to use it

Technology of Mobile Access Control

The phone can control this access via 3 different methods

  1. An App installed on your phone
  2. NFC – Near Field Communication. This provides a wireless connection between the phone and another device
  3. BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy. This provide a similar protocol to NFC between your phone and another device

These results are commonplace in the technology space and as a result as all found in Apple, Android and all other smart devices. Furthermore once installed on these smart devices they can be transferred to work with smart wearables such as watches.

Setting up Access Control on Phones

Deployment of mobile access control can be done on existing systems if they are compatible. In addition in some cases only small additions are required to upgrade an existing system to a compatible system

However when starting a new installation the plan can be built with the end in mind.

  1. Design your physical access requirements and what areas will be restricted for access
  2. In addition highlight any technology that also requires access as this can also be done via the mobile phone. (Access to computer systems, printing, ordering etc)
  3. Install a mobile access control system suitable for phone control and access
  4. Deploy access user rights to workforce. Generally this is done via email and the users completes setup on their personal phone.
  5. Control user rights via the cloud

Subsequently upon completion the system works in a similar way to any other access control system. For example user rights can be added and removed. Furthermore the specific rights of that person can be changed at the management end. For instance employees may only require access for a specific day to an area of the building and that can be setup in advance.

Finally guest access can be deployed for visitors to the building. As this can be sent in advance to a users phone they can access the areas they need without having to gain an access card or fob. Thus reducing the work of your onsite staff to enable this

Other Features

As the access control is now built into the phone it is particularly useful for additional services that support employee security and safety.

As a result the following features are part of an APP based Mobile Access Control system

  • Roll Call Features
    • Announcements to users or specific users
    • Ability to locate a users last know position in case of emergency
    • Highlight those users that are at a fire safety point. Furthermore highlight those that are missing
    • Contact users via the APP
  • Enables photos on device.
    • Therefore adding an additional layer of security.
  • Updates and Reporting
    • The ability to access security access details and reports via the phone.
    • See where people have accessed and who isn’t where they shouldn’t be
    • View live announcements and events

Types of Systems

Generally most access control manufacturers now incorporate this technology into their systems.

The two main systems we install and focus on are

Paxton Access Control – Click here fore information on their Mobile Access Control Solution

Hikvision Access Control – Click here for more information on their Mobile Access Control Solution

What are the Advantages?

  • Generally people have their mobile phones with them at all times and therefore forgotten credentials less likely
  • People are less likely to give their smartphone to others for access. In contrast a card or fob is easily shared
  • Bluetooth enables the reader to connect with the phone from a few feet away thus removing the specific need to touch and go. NFC is limited to a distance similar to a card
  • Access control statistic and activity can be accessed from the phone alongside the security credentials
  • It enables biometric authentication via the phone
  • Additional features can be enabled on the access control app. For example a roll call announcement can be sent to specific phones

What are the Disadvantages ?

  • Some systems require an internet connection to access security credentials via the cloud. Therefore in small cases where there is no service this can cause a problem
  • The system only works when the phone is powered on. Therefore a dead battery stops access

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