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The Lowdown on Structured Cabling for Data Centres

A data centre is an essential part of any business in the modern, digital age. These centres are dedicated spaces which hold IT, telecommunication and storage systems. Given that they house such important systems, data centres need to be designed and operated with care. Cabling for Data Centres is an integral part of the whole system.

Central to these demands is data centre cabling. Without cabling your data centre simply won’t be able to function. And it’s not just a case of using any old data cabinet cabling to enhance connectivity. You need to use the right cabling in the right way. If you can achieve this then you can expect to have a powerful and fully functioning data centre. There are few businesses that can afford to turn down such exciting potential, so let’s take a look at the basics.

What is Structured Cabling?

A professional data centre will always go for a structured cabling approach, but what is it? First and foremost it’s a cabling system which can be used to connect numerous different systems together. However, rather than having this data centre cabling running through individual systems, structured cabling uses a number of patch panels in a subsystem known as the control patching area. It’s an innovative approach and one which brings the following benefits:

  • Simplicity: Organisation is at the core of structured cabling and this translates nicely into simplicity. With just one cabling system in place you minimize any complexity issues associated with running multiple cable systems at the same time. A major benefit of this uniformity is that it makes identifying and solving system problems much easier.
  • Scalability: Traditional cabling solutions can cause scalability issues when it comes to accommodating data centre adds, moves and changes. But structured cabling eliminates this risk. It allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to business growth. So, for example, data centre fibre optic cabling can be used to patch new systems into the network in next to no time. It’s a high level of efficiency which allows your business to remain competitive and ensures your systems are future proof.
  • Cost Effective: The good thing about structured cabling is that it’s packed full of benefits whilst simultaneously being cost effective. And this is a rare combination in business. However, by using a universal data centre cabling structure, you can instantly start saving money in terms of power consumption and maintenance costs. This grants you the opportunity to start investing these savings in other areas of the business. This, in turn, generates extra business growth to make your company stronger than ever before.

Final Thoughts

Structured cabling for data centres is a sure-fire way to enhance your business by maximizing efficiency and productivity. This is achieved by combining flexibility, simplicity and cost-saving effects all in one package. And structured cabling is perfect for almost any business solution with both copper and fibre options available. However, while data cabling may sound simple, installing and maintaining a structured cable system is a complex task. Therefore, it pays to bring in professionals to take advantage of their expertise and deliver a world class data centre.

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