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Electrical Cabling in Office Moves and Changes

The impact of the recent pandemic is likely to alter our normal working patterns beyond all recognition. And offices, with their closely packed workforces, are most likely to notice these changes. For one thing, workers are going to need to be positioned in a way that sticks to social distancing guidelines. Likewise, staff numbers are likely to alter for the time being, but this will not be a permanent scenario. There will be room to grow and offices need to remain scalable. Forming the backbone of any office relocation project will be electrical cabling.

What Does Electrical Cabling Provide an Office?

It’s impossible for a modern office to run without electrical cabling. IT systems, for example, are a crucial part of any modern business; they allow companies to communicate, process data and archive information. Therefore, one of the central aspects of an office relocation should be prioritising IT relocation. And this is made possible thanks to the technological wonder of electrical cabling. Not only will cabling allow your IT system to remain connected, but they will deliver high levels of performance and flexibility for any future changes.

An Office Relocation Guide

With workforces gradually returning to offices it’s time to put together an office relocation guide. This serves a dual purpose of, firstly, providing a safe, flexible working environment and, secondly, granting you the opportunity to enhance productivity. As we’ve already touched upon, IT relocation is vital to keep any office running in the current climate. And electrical cabling will help to lay the foundations of these changes. To achieve the perfect office move make sure you carry out the following:

  • Plan, Plan and Plan: Moving an office around is not an easy task, so you want to minimise any problems. And the perfect way to avoid any obstacles is with thorough planning. Evaluate your current needs and the best way to solve these problems e.g. the number of staff who will be in the office on a shift and their spacing requirements.
  • Run Electrical Cabling to Floor Boxes: Cabling is fantastic when it comes to connectivity, but it’s not free of problems. The most noticeable issue is the trip hazard it prevents. But this can be virtually eliminated by running electrical cabling to floor boxes. An integrated power distribution system, a floor box allows you to install power points where they are needed and reduce the trip risk associated with cabling.
  • Allow for Scalability: We live in unpredictable times, but this doesn’t mean future growth should be ruled out. The business world is liable to change at any moment and this can pose accessibility problems almost instantly. But now, with the need for an office relocation, there is ample opportunity to invest in future-proofing your office e.g. installing additional floor boxes and allocating space for under floor cabling.

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This office relocation guide may sound easy, but remember: electricity is a highly dangerous force and needs to be handled correctly. Accordingly, any form of major office relocation is going to require trained professionals. The involvement of their expertise will ensure that your office move is completed in a timely and safe manner.


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