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Electrical Cabling for Modern Businesses


Power is the key to productivity in a modern office. But you can’t expect power to be supplied efficiently without any forethought on your behalf. You need to know how to determine your power requirements. And you need to understand the importance of electrical cabling and how it can connect your office. Power, however, is a complex subject and putting it into practice can be equally complex. But it is possible, with a quick evaluation, to get a better understanding of your power requirements.


Understanding Your Power Requirements


It’s important that you carry out a full survey of your office to determine your power requirements. Not only will this allow you to establish the needs of your power supply, but it will act as a solid inventory of your electrical equipment. Once you have completed your office evaluation you should be able to confirm the following:


  • The best options for cabling solutions e.g. under floor cabling or wall mounted trunking


  • The amount of power that needs to be supplied to your office for it to operate to its full potential


  • The best ways in which your cabling and electrical solutions can be implemented e.g. re-arranging office spaces to make best use of your resources

To get started, however, there are several areas of electrical operation which need to be identified and evaluated. These will be the most important facilities when it comes to using electricity. Therefore, their power requirements must be a priority. So, make sure you evaluate these elements first:

Power Systems for Servers:

Data is vital in modern business, so the power needs of your servers should be analysed first. The hardware involved will be incredibly powerful with a high demand for electricity. And servers need to be running 24/7, so, with an average power consumption of 850 watts per hour, this can soon translate into substantial amounts of energy.

Power Outlets:

All your electrical devices will receive their power from a power outlet. And there will be numerous power outlets in just a single office. These power sockets can handle around 3,000 watts, but the actual amount is device dependent. Accordingly, to calculate your estimated power consumption it’s recommended that you survey all the equipment which is likely to be used. This should allow you to determine an accurate figure of potential consumption and appropriate electrical cabling.

UPS Systems:

The need for power is crucial and it needs to be available at all times. However, both internal and external power faults can easily develop and this can put your power supply at risk. But an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) reduces this risk significantly. Now, UPS systems may run off a battery system, but they require charging from a mains supply. This means that it’s essential you determine the necessary amount of power you require to keep your most vital devices running during power failures.

Putting Your Requirements in Place

If you want your business to run efficiently then you have to make sure your power supplies are adequate. Without the correct provisions in place your business is going to struggle. And that’s why you need to team up with professional electricians. Blessed with years of experience they are able to evaluate your unique needs and put an effective plan into action. The end result will be a business which can remain productive in even the most testing circumstances.

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