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Testing  – Why you should insist on your Structured Cabling being tested – and what you should insist on.


Reasons to have your structured cabling installation tested

  • If your cabling has not been tested you won’t know if the installer has:
    1. Terminated the data cabling correctly end to end
    2. Terminated the network cabling correctly in the right methods
    3. Terminated the structured cabling to the correct standards
  • Not all cabling terminations are equal. Poor terminations can result in the following:
    1. Slower network speeds (i.e. only running at 100MB instead of 1 Gb)
    2. Interference on the data cable
    3. Interference onto neighbouring data cables
    4. Drop outs (i.e. phone calls drop or lost connection to servers)
  • Data Cabling Testing checks that the correct patch panel ports go to the correct data module location. If the system isn’t tested this issue won’t be highlighted by the data cabling installer to rectify. Your system is then unusable from a management perspective
  • You have accountability. If or when you receive test results, it shows at a point in time that everything was installed correctly and working to the specified standard. This could possibly eliminate the blame culture later on.
  • Testing checks that all the elements of the installation have been installed correctly
    1. Data cabling has been pulled in correctly, away from power, without and kinks and twists
    2. The minimum of exposed cable has been allowed for when terminating
    3. The cable is terminated in the correct format
    4. The modules are good and snugly fitting
    5. Without these steps done correctly the structured cabling link won’t pass

Data Cabling Testing shows that the materials used are to standard as well as the actual data cabling installation. However, poor modules, panels and cable will fail every time regardless of the quality of installation

What you should insist on from your Data Cabling Test Results

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