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Office Relocation IT Moves and Changes

The world of business is ever changing. Furthermore it’s likely that, due to factors such as growth, your business will need to upgrade its office or look for new premises. Upgrading your premises can be an essential move. Our reliance on IT often presents a daunting and complicated scenario. The sheer amount of cabling during IT moves and changes to ensure your IT capabilities are working to their maximum is mind boggling. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand your cabling requirements when upgrading your office.

Data cabling for Office RelocationOffice Relocation IT Moves and Changes

Cabling remains a vital requirement for any business that wants to remain productive and reduce downtime. Therefore, it’s important that it’s prioritised when relocating. For a successful relocation, make sure you consider the following:

  1. Understand the New Location. A new set of premises need to be carefully evaluated in order to understand the infrastructure capabilities. Surveying the physical layout should be your first move. This will allow you to plan where your cabling, power supplies, networks and telecommunications can be installed.
  2. Plan a Budget. Draw up a budget that understands all your current cabling needs and integrates all the relevant resources. This allows you to get a better of understanding of what’s involved in the relocation.
  3. Consider Future Expansion. It’s highly likely that your business will need to expand to aid future growth and take advantage of new technology. Therefore, you should always make sure your new premises allow you to expand. This should be in terms of both space and the ability to integrate additional cabling.

IT Moves and Changes – What should I consider before I move my office?

Equipment and employee changes can have a drastic impact on the layout of your office. Couple this with the need for expansion and it’s clear to see that reorganising an office and its cabling is a tall task. As a result, the following relocation factors need to be considered:

  1. Moving Office Furniture. Cabling can run under, over and across your office furniture, so it presents a major obstacle when it comes changing your office around. The main sticking point is the downtime incurred from employees unable to work at their computers, so the simplest solution is to move the furniture around out of hours.
  2. Additional Power Supplies and Data Solutions. With an increase of new equipment comes the need for an upgrade in power supplies and data solutions. However, these utilities also require new cabling or a reworking of existing cabling, so it’s essential that consideration is given to achieving this successfully.
  3. Reorganise and Classify Your Cabling. Over time, office cabling can become severely jumbled as new equipment is integrated and older cabling is left behind. A full office upgrade provides a fantastic opportunity to organise your cabling into something more coherent, so take the time to colour code your cables and simplify their traceability.

Relocating or upgrading your office is never an easy task and it’s especially difficult when it comes to reorganising your cabling. However, with careful consideration, planning and expert support you can ensure that these tasks are completed successfully and with minimal downtime.

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