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Reasons to Assess your Security Cabling


Whether in our homes or commercial premises, security systems are vital to protect our property and create a sense of comfort and safety. With the emergence of the Internet of Things phenomena, we are seeing an increasing array of connected devices that can help aid security. These all rely on proper security cabling infrastructure in order to function efficiently and effectively.Reasons to Assess your Security Cabling


This includes things such as:


  • CCTV
  • Door entry systems
  • Alarms
  • Heat, smoke and fire detection
  • Motion detection


Investing in Security Infrastructure


Companies are investing to ensure that their security cabling is sufficient to hold the increasing load from these critical devices.


  • Leverage latest technologies – As many of these devices are low powered, they are well placed to make use of the latest Power over Ethernet technology and won’t require a separate power supply. This also makes it easier and cheaper to place sensors around a building as power becomes less of a consideration.


  • Dedicated network – Existing networks might not be equipped to manage the load of security devices in an efficient manner. Having dedicated security cabling means that if your standard network is hacked, damaged, or in any other way compromised, your security system will still function.


  • Don’t rely on Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi connections have become increasingly popular as the quality has improved in recent years. While wireless connections might be useful for some elements of the security systems, it is far more reliable and secure to have hardwired security cabling.


  • Insurance – You risk the potential of invalidating your insurance claims if systems that you declared on your insurance certificate are not operational. It is therefore important that you keep security cabling in good condition and functioning at optimal performance at all times.


Making the decision to install the latest cabling infrastructure today will be a long-term investment in your security systems. Building security cabling with the future in mind will ensure that you can add the latest devices to upgrade your systems without having to continually make changes to the network.


How secure is your cabling infrastructure?


When was the last time you conducted an audit of your security cabling?

Most companies would benefit from a review of their existing infrastructure to assess the quality of the current set up, potential improvements and opportunities to leverage the latest developments in technology.


People are often surprised to find vulnerabilities in their current approach, and also in how far technology has improved since their last assessment.


If you want to ensure your assets are sufficiently protected, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be able to advise you on the latest security cabling trends, and help to find a solution that will meet your specific needs.


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