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Question 9: Is your structured cabling installer: Undertaking your installation during the safest & cost effective times

The best time for your and data cabling or fibre optic cabling installation is when it disrupts your operation the least. Your structured cabling installer should advise of the best times for installation

·        Would you like installation at night? The weekend? During closures for holidays?

·        Would you like the option of 24:7 installations?

·        Will the project start on time to meet your deadlines?

There are considerations for timings for any structured cabling installer and they can be based on a few factors.  Factors such as disruption, costs, timescales and limits applicable to building management

Certain buildings and operations are more suited to certain working hours.

Schools are usually best to have installations done in term holidays for health and safety and safeguarding reasons. Buildings in residential roads will have noise restrictions different to commercial areas.

Building management may limit times noise can be made in a shared building and also limit times contractors can more in and through the reception

The main reason to know when you wish to have you installation undertaken is usually for one of three main reasons

1.      Feasibility

2.      Safety

3.      Cost


Some projects cannot be undertaken at certain times and should be planned and quoted accordingly.

If access is not allowed or restricted during the week then weekends must be planned. If security is not available on weekends then midweeks must be done etc


Depending on the installation there are situations where the structured cabling installation could technically be done in that situation. However it may not be safe to do so or could be undertaken more safely at other times.

Its not safe to have installers working at heights and above desks or within schools while there are employees or children present and moving around. Its not safe for them or the installers


The biggest reason to know when the best installation time windows are is the impact on the cost. Moving a midweek 9-5 installation to an evening or weekend will invariable incur additional costs. Are your different quotes both based on the time you have requested?

Accepting a reduced quotation and allowing an installation to take place when it is least suitable and least safe can only lead to problems, delays and additional costs if problems arise.

Knowing the best time to undertake a data cabling installation should be communicated to you by the installation company with regards to a safety and feasibility.  You can compare alternative quotations to make sure those assumptions and allowances have been made by all parties

Key Questions to ask your structured cabling installer regarding scheduling


  • Has the best data wiring installation window been identified and communicated to you
  • Does the scheduling allow for the most effective feasibility, safety and cost?
  • What is the lead time for starting work and the projected start date?
  • Are there any additional costs for working out of hours and weekends that have not been advised or communicated