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Is your network cabling installer: Including everything in your quote with
no hidden extras?

When sourcing network cabling costs in London, comparing quotations and ensuring they are a like for like comparison is at times a difficult task

The first consideration should be to make sure everything you require is included on the quotation or shown as an option. Some companies will include everything on your quotation from a survey including what they feel is required for an overall project. Some companies will purposely leave items of and provide the bare minimum so they achieve a lower price entry quotation

Every quotation is unique but the majority of data cabling quotations have a large proportion of the same requirements

What should a data cabling quotation cover?

A network cabling system generally consists of a permanent link of cabling from a data cabinet to a user outlet. This is the same should it be for a PC, Telephone, Wi-Fi access point, Television or many other applications

The quotation as a minimum should cover the data cable, patch panel, user outlet module and the faceplate for the data module.

There are many occasions where network cabling installers aren’t trained or able to terminate patch panels so only install the cable and modules. The client is then left with a partial system and has to pay others to finish the project

Other items that should be part of the network cabling costs if they are essential to enable to data cabling systems to be installed are
  • Data Cabinets
  • Data cabinet accessories such as power bars or fixings
  • Any containment for the cable to be installed in
  • Patch Leads
  • Specific mounting equipment such as grommets or floor boxes
  • Access equipment such as high access ladders or motorised access equipment

Consideration should be whether the quotation covers any out of hours work if that has been a requirement on the survey.  If out of hours work has been requested and not quoted an uplift in costs could be seen

Bespoke network cabling surveys

Network cabling surveys don’t always need to be carried out on the client site. With the advance of technology a growing proportion of surveys can now be undertaken remotely. This can include voice, video and conference calls along with supplied photos and drawings. This article was written for offsite surveys during the 2020 covid 19 lockdown when network cabling surveys were hard or impossible to undertake

Key Questions regarding cabling quotations

Check to make sure everything you have asked for is included

  • Check to make sure the labour rates include the working times requested
  • Confirm all elements as above haven been included or added as an option
  • Check any caveats a company has made that are included by other companies.  This could include containment by others or cabinets by client