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Question 10: Is your data cabling installer removing waste from site, maintaining a safe space and cleaning up after installation?

Here are many elements to communicate, discuss and decide upon before engaging with a data cabling installer. There are also several considerations to check they will happen and will follow after the completion of your project

Packaging and waste can be quite substantial. This can create a difference in costs if one company has allowed to remove and another has not. This is especially true with Audio Visual projects where the packaging is substantial

Upon completion all packaging and waste materials from site should be disposed of correctly. This helps avoid hazards, to maintain fire safety and to ensure a final neatness of installation

During installation and after completion dust and debris caused by drilling and installation should be cleaned up after installation

Access equipment, ladders, and hire equipment should be returned to the relevant depot while the installation company is still on site and not left for collection after the project has been completed

The communications room is a common place for checking that it is left in a tidy and manageable state. A messy communications room can lead to accidental shutdown or disconnection of important services

Cardboard, patch leads and equipment but be either stored correctly or installed securely in the cabinets

In addition to a tidy workspace you should ensure that all areas that have been restricted or blocked off are returned to normal and access passes have been returned

Key Questions regarding waste removal for your data cabling installer

  • Ask if all waste be will removed from site and is it included in the quotation
  • Ask if dust and other by products will be cleaned up after installation
  • Check and ensure any hire equipment will be signed for at delivery¬†and signed off at collection by the data cabling installation company
  • Ask about the possibility of disposing of IT hardware in the correct environmentally friendly way