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Is your Data cabling provider: Carrying public liability insurance of £5M+

What public liability insurance should your structured cabling company have for installation?

This type of insurance that is carried by you data cabling provider is an important consideration. Therefore this is applicable to any party who my be injured on a premises or any damage to that premises while work is underway

This covers the installer in the unlikely event someone is injured or property is damaged during the installation of your data cabling infrastructure

Without this insurance in the event of an incident you may not have claim to the installer to cover these costs if they are not correctly insured

In addition if there is an incident on site that causes considerable damage or even total destruction of your property does the company have the insurance backing to reimburse you fully?

Who will be paying to put everything back to normal for you?

Additional clarification of what public liability insurance is can be viewed at one the leading insurers website here 

Is public liability insurance compulsory for data cabling installation?

Public liability insurance isn’t a compulsory requirements and while it is not a legal requirement you should insist any installer working in your property has it so that it can protect you for injury or damage to property suffered because of their installation.

Data cabling installations consist on non intrusive and very intrusive elements depending on the work involved. Cables can be installed in existing containment with little exposure. However drilling and high level work can also be involved which increasing the risk of damage or accidents

This insurance can cover you should the install be for data cabling, electrical or audio visual installations

Key Questions to ask you data cabling provider regarding insurances
  • Ask to see the certification for the required insurance
  • Check that the insurance covers the type of work involved. It has to specifically cover the industry and work being undertaken
  • Check to see the insurance is up to date