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Is your data cabling installer: Providing you with a 20+ year warranty and network cable certification?

What is a data cabling warranty and how does it work with network cable certification?

Data cable manufacturers will support a network cable installation for 20+ years on its cable and components. However this is only if the installer has provided full test results and has undertaken approved training courses to install the systems. Then the cabling installation must have a total network cable certification test undertaken. Additionally these results must pass and then be processed by the cable manufacturer for a warranty

Furthermore this article highlights what you should insist on for any data cabling testing and certification

Why a warranty gives you peace of mind and ensures you have an expert installing your data cabling

A data cabling warranty is only available when systems are designed, installed, and tested by approved Installers and partners with industry leading manufacturers and they have to have ongoing and current training certification in place.

In addition warranties are issued only after an audit of test data, and at the discretion of the manufacturers technical support team at site audit. In all cases 100% of the links which require warranty support must be tested which gives you confidence that the whole system is installed correctly

What does a cabling warranty give you?

The cabling warranty covers all copper cabling, fibre optic cabling, voice cabling. In some cases data cabinets are also covered when installed as part of an overall manufacturer cabling solution

This will give you peace of mind that your data cabling network system has been installed correctly and will work for you.

As an Excel cabling partner we follow their guidelines to achieve warranty and accreditation. An in depth explanation of what their warranty covers is accessible here

Key Questions regarding data cabling warranties

  • Request manufacturer approved training certification for the company
  • Ask to see a copy of the documentation of what the warranty covers
  • Request examples of previous warranties and test results from other projects
  • In certain cases a manufacturer will appoint a project manager to ensure standards are met over and above the installer