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Under desk cable tidy
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Under desk cable tidy

For any office-based business, cable management is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed and requires a pro-active and responsible approach. Our offices today have more electrical equipment and wired appliances than ever before. Today’s standard workstation has a minimum of six cables. During installation these cables are tied and tucked away neatly. However, as time progresses and equipment is replaced or the office is moved around, things quickly get out of hand. In most offices, temporary fixes quickly become permanent. For Instance, a faulty power socket which leads to using an extension lead from the other side of the office. By not addressing these types of issues you’re leaving your company exposed to a potential compensation claim. Unchecked cables are accidents waiting to happen. NM Cabling are here to assist you. Offering various under desk tidy solutions to protect your company and employees.


Why do you need a cable management company?

While health and safety legislations are in place to outline employers' obligations, cables can often present a hazard. Trips lead to 16% of compensation claims, so it's important for businesses to take steps to address this issue. Cable management products are an easy way to do this, and they're usually very affordable and easy to install. By visibly demonstrating a commitment to health and safety, businesses can help create a positive culture around this important issue.

Slips, trips, and falls are a common occurrence in the workplace, with 171,000 self-reported accidents in 2015. This can be a distressing experience for the individual involved, causing long-term absence from work or personal distress. While many of these accidents have no serious consequences, others can be very serious. It is important for workplaces to identify risks and take steps to prevent slips, trips and falls from happening. Some measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of these accidents include improving workplace conditions, providing adequate training for employees, and implementing safety policies and procedures. By doing so, we can help keep our workers safe and prevent potentially life-altering injuries.

Benefits of Under desk cable tidy

  • Creates a safe work environment.
  • Minimise the risk of trips and falls.
  • Compliance with HSE Regulations.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards.
  • Simplifies the fault-finding process, making it easier to make repairs or replace office equipment.
  • Tidy cables require lower maintenance and repair costs. In addition, less money can be spent on IT support.
  • A tidy office boosts productivity in the workplace. Fully functional systems minimise distractions caused by poor equipment.
  • Minimise the risk of fire. Trailing electrical cables such as, extension leads are often stepped on or ran over by chairs. Over times this causes damage to the internal wires which can lead electrical fire.
  • Scalability: a well-managed cabling system requires less attention when its time for your business to grow. As a result, you’re able to focus your energy on other matters.


What does our cable management service consist of?


NM Cabling has worked with a vast number of companies of all sizes. Over the years we’ve gained experienced, and an understanding of how various businesses operate. With this experience we’re able to offer a under desk cable tidy solution that is tailored to your needs and your business. The team at NM Cabling  will guide you through every step of the way.

Our under-desk cable tidy service consists of the following:

Our company offers a free, 100% no obligation site survey. While on site, our engineers will discuss your needs, HSE regulations, and an outline of any issues they find. A quote to resolve all matters will be sent ASAP. Additionally, in some cases our quotes will include various options for you to discuss with your team.

Once all the above has been agreed, we will establish a date and time That best suits your business operations. With 100% flexibility, we can accommodate to your working hours. We offer an out of hours service.

Re-patching and organisation of cables under the workstations and common area will begin. Our engineers, install the necessary trunking tubes, cables trays and any other cable management equipment we deem necessary.

Existing cables are re-labelled to help you manage your system. This will make future repairs much easier, allowing you to focus on other elements of your business.

Any trailing cables in open spaces will be re-routed through floor cable cover or wall trunking.

All faulty power sockets and data sockets are repaired. If required, these sockets are moved and strategically placed to minimise risky set ups and dangerous cable lengths.

Our team of experienced engineers will ensure all cables under the desks are the correct length. Thus, minimising the risk of trips and falls.

As you can imagine there’s an endless number of under desk cable tidy solutions, so if your requirement is not listed above still contact our sales team to discuss your specifications as we couldn’t list every scenario in this article.

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