Fibre Optic Installation London O2 Arena – Sky Bar

Client: Alpha Bristol | Sector: Fibre Optic Cabling -Events | Duration 1 Month

Fibre Optic Cabling for the Audio Visual Cabling requirements throughout the SKY bar at the O2 Arena in London.

As part of the creation of  the Sky Bar at the O2 Arena a vast amount of fibre optic cabling and data cabling was used to run the screens, projectors and audio visual equipment.

AV Installation Outline

Firstly as you entered the room a huge mosaic wall of screens showed photos of guests who had uploaded their own photos. Each of these screens was controlled by media equipment linked by fibre optic cabling. Secondly several top of the range projectors were used throughout the bar to project images, video and live streams from within the arena. Lastly numerous smaller screens were located throughout again linked individually back to a central server room via fiber optic cabling.

The server room was densely packed with AV installation servers and players. Therefore the fibre terminations were split across numerous  data cabinets. Each cable had to be dressed, labelled and terminated with care to make sure each was within reach of its dedicated AV server

Fibre Optic Cabling

Due to the program of works the main installation of the fibre cabling was undertaken by the main contractor. Therefore  NM Cabling were tasked with the terminating, testing and setting up all the fibre optic cabling throughout the bar and entertainment area.

In addition there was also a Cat6 cabling requirement throughout for local cabling and controls. Once again the data cabling was installed by the main contractor. Therefore again the terminating, testing and labeling of the Cat6 cabling was all done by NM Cabling

Due to the delicate nature of the room the work had to be carried out under strict time-scales, health and safety and access requirements. The areas of work varied differently depending on where the work was being undertaken.

Firstly fibre optic cabling terminations were undertaken in both the main communications area and bar area . The Serer room was a standard low level communications room and a straight forward working area. However the bar area had an exposed ceiling with vast height under the curve of the O2 arena dome. Therefore these fibre termination works were off access towers and in some cases powered access. In addition the projectors and screens were mounted at exposed height creating a challenging installation

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