Client: Stables Market| Sector: Commercial|  Duration: 3 Months

The project was undertaken in one of London’s busiest and most iconic locations. Subsequently it involved the building of a new modern commercial office building within stables market in the Camden market area. The commercial network cabling was a large part of the refurbishment

Commercial Network Cabling

The office was situated over 3 floors and had over 1000 cat6 cabling data outlets throughout to the relevant areas for computers, telephones, Wi-Fi, printers and Audio Visual

The Cat6 installation was fully designed to suit the end clients specification and requirements and was completed with full fluke test results and submission of a manufacturer’s 25 year warranty

Each floor had its own data cabinets which were linked with OM4 fibre optic cabling and then each floor was served with its own dedicated Cat6 data cabling. However due to the uniqueness of the building those cables although cabled on a floor per cabinet basis the data cabling routes didn’t always follow those same floors

Network Cabling Challenges

The commercial network cabling challenges throughout the building were due to it being a modern design space.  It consisted of a large proportion of glass partitions and solid wooden floors. The data cabling routes were not straight forward. Firstly in many cases it involved running structured cabling along different floors. Secondly those cables would then enter different parts of the correct floors along its routes. This was instead of direct easy routes.

This was required as many areas of the floors didn’t have tray work or containment as it was eliminated for aesthetics and therefore some rooms had very unusual routes to reach them

Another challenge was the deliveries in and out the building. Subsequently due to certain access restrictions with deliveries to the Market. This involved an increased level of project management. Furthermore in many cases this involved bespoke deliveries and working out of hours. Together with all the other challenges to undertake the structured cabling installation

In conclusion the project was completed with fully marked up CAD drawings and cabinet layouts




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