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Network Cabling for Commercial Sectors

Network Cabling specialists, whether it's Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 Fibre optic. The process starts with an initial survey and collection of requirements. We then create a suitable design and quotation for your requirements and provide a quotation based on those conditions.

With over 20 years of experience across various network cabling installations and a large range of industry sectors, we are confident we can create the right bespoke solution for your network cabling needs with the ever changing range of networking cables and applications. 

Our network cabling services start with initial planning and design and are managed through cabling implementation and full fluke cable testing.

Project and engineering teams are fully qualified to work with the latest copper and fibre optic network cabling solutions. In addition, we are continually upgrading those skills and accreditations to match the ever-moving landscape of technology and network cabling

Our installation team has qualifications from the leading industry manufacturers. Furthermore, we continually keep on top of all relevant health and safety qualifications including CSCS and ECS cards. For the management roles, we have several qualified in SSSTS and SSMTS accreditations.

We have a range of solutions with regards to network cabling on legacy systems such as Cat5e through to the most modern Cat8 systems. Cabling installs are fully tested with Fluke DSX testers or similar industry-leading test equipment and test certificates are issued.

Network Cabling Installation

Data centre cable solutions

Network cable installations cover London, Midlands the South East, and West from our nationally spread office bases. All these locations provide the core installations for Cat5e cabling, Cat6 cabling, Cat6A, and 10gigabit networks, and the modern cable technologies such as Cat7 and Cat8

Commonly we undertake free surveys and we try and survey within forty-eight hours of your inquiry. Furthermore, we aim to provide you with a quotation in the same timescale

Data Centre Network Cabling Installation

Structured Cabling Installation for Data Centres - In addition to commercial network cabling requirements we also take our expertise into installations for Data Centres

Commonly, these environments demand high-end, increased-speed data centre cables and technology. Usually, there are also large amounts of outlets for both fibre optic cabling, copper cabling, and specific data centre containment. A large percentage of the installation materials are bespoke to data centres due to specific standards and security

Data centres are especially concerned about downtime and failure rates. They are also very considerate of restricted access and permits to work. To speed up installation times and to minimise time on-site, pre-terminated fibre optic cabling and pre-installed network cabling are commonly used. Particularly, to reduce cabinet shutdowns

Equinix, Virtus, and Digital Reality are a selection of data centres we have worked in and each has added to our experience and expertise.

Voice and Network Cabling

With the evolution and widespread usage of VoIP, telephone cabling has shifted from analogue to digital and then IP Ethernet-based systems. As the technology has shifted so have the network cabling requirements.

The majority of modern telephone systems are indeed VoIP telephone systems. Consequently, a minimum of Cat5e cabling is needed for the phone system

Furthermore, the majority of modern installations call for a minimum of Cat6 or Cat6a.

The cabling test results we produce after completion will give clarity that your VoIP telephone system will run at its expected standards and performance.

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Network Cabling and Wireless

Wi-Fi requirements in the past few years have grown exponentially. To support that growth the standards for the network cabling that connects them have also changed and increased. Wi-Fi units now commonly transmit 10-gigabit connection speeds

If a 10 Gigabit link is required, legacy cabling links are not suitable for these speeds. Cat5e and Cat6 cables are ratified to perform at the standard 90m distance up to only 1-gigabit speeds. Cat6 can transmit 10 Gigabit up to 55m but it is not a ratified standard

Thus, any cabling requirement over 55m must be at a minimum of Cat6a. In addition, Cat6a cables are recommended for all connections requiring 10 Gigabit regardless of distance.

Lastly, a large number of access points have 2 network ports on and require 2 separate data cabling links. When swapping out old Wi-Fi systems there is generally only a single cable. Therefore, additional cabling is required as well as a possible upgrade in standard

Is Ethernet cabling the same as Wifi Cable - read our article on Ethernet and Wifi Cabling

Audio Visual Network CablingAudio Visual Installations | AV London

Audio Visual cabling has changed as quickly as wireless cabling due to transmission recommendations for higher specification displays and transmission equipment. In a similar way Wi-Fi has moved beyond legacy cabling so too has AV technology cabling. Once again, Cat6a is commonly the minimum cable recommendation for audio-visual technology. Therefore, a large majority of existing commercial network cabling is not appropriate.

Audio visual cabling and technology can be applied in the following situations

  • Boardroom and Meeting Room Video Conferencing
  • Commercial Televisions, Display Screens, and Signage
  • Audio Systems, Background Music, PA systems and Emergency Systems
  • Meeting Room Booking Systems such as Evoku

CCTV Network Cabling

CCTV camera systems are now generally exclusively IP cameras. Thus, IP cameras have to run over a standardised cabling network. In addition, due to the camera taking both power and data from the same single network cable it must be correctly installed and fully tested.

In summary, an inadequately installed structured cabling system will result in an inadequate CCTV system. Particularly, if the data and data power connections both deteriorate due to poor cable installation.

25 Year Warranty on Network Cabling Projects

As part of all our installations, we offer the opportunity of 25 year manufacturers warranties on all our cabling installations. This is part of our cabling manufacturer training and accreditations, certified by on-site test results.

Network Cabling Testing and Fault Finding

Using the latest Fluke DSX testing equipment and bolt-on fibre optic testers we are able to certify and rectify and wide range of cabling requirements.

Testing after a new installation will give you peace of mind that your installation is up to standard and running at its peak.

Testing an old system will give you visibility to its capabilities and be suitable for your technology. Better to know now than after you move it’s a faulty commercial space

Fibre optic testing is especially useful in finding breaks in cables that can shut down an entire network through the fault of just a single cable.

Free Network Cabling Surveys and Quotations

The majority of network cabling surveys, advice and quotations are carried out free of charge. In addition, there is no commitment on your part

A comprehensive quotation will be provided, with every element listed and no hidden costs. In addition, cabling specifications and installation plans can be provided on request.

Out of Hours Installation and Planning

We undertake a large number of our installations outside of normal working hours. A large part of the survey and quotation is providing a solution that minimises your downtime and the effect on your staff.

Out of hours can at times reduce the installation time due to the absence of other staff and obstructions. Finally, we are happy to provide multiple quotations for the same works based on different requirements and working times so you always have a range of choices for the best installation plan.


Network Cabling Installation Services

Whether you are an SME, a large organisation, based around London or throughout the UK, take a look at our list of recent clients and case studies to see why our returning customers appreciate our swift, consistent and quality service.

Free Surveys and Quotations

All cabling and wiring quotations are undertaken free of charge and without commitment.

A detailed comprehensive quotation is provided with no hidden charges. Additionally, a full cabling system installation plan and specification is provided on request.

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