Electrical Testing

What is a PAT Test

What is a PAT Test Portable Appliance Testing is usually recognized as “PAT”. So what is a PAT Test? PAT Testing is the term used to explain the testing of electrical equipment used to demonstrate that they are safe to use. The official term for this process is “in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment”.

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PAT Testing Regulations

PAT Testing Regulations PAT testing is the name of Portable Appliances Testing in several countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. With PAT testing regulations, electrical items and appliances are checked regularly for safety. The official term for this process is “service inspection and electrical equipment testing”. Here, we are going to

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Fixed testing in the Workplace

Fixed Electrical testing in the Workplace – EICR Checking the condition of your electrical systems on a regular basis is vital for detecting and preventing potential hazards. Fixed testing is a major part of this Fixed testing, also known as Electrical Installation Condition Reporting or periodic inspection, is a systematic test of all of the

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