Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installations

Mobile coverage can be a challenge in many ranging situations. These include Homes, Offices, Hotels, Warehouse, and Campus Coverage. A mobile phone signal booster can be of assistance in all situations

Having a poor mobile and cellular signal in your workplace can be hindering for users in any situation. This is especially so when you are trying to run a business

This solution is a mobile signal booster or mobile repeater, used in many areas of the country to improve the quality of the signal within your workspace and campus areas

Where can a Mobile Phone Signal Booster Help?

What are the causes of poor mobile signal ?

The main causes of bad mobile signal are;

  • Distance from the telephone mast
  • Obstacles in the way (i.e. buildings / hills)
  • Construction materials of the building you are in or even the buildings surrounding you (i.e. metal works / thick concrete)

What does a mobile phone signal booster provide?

A mobile signal booster is designed to receive the outside signal strength from a high point on the building. Therefore he signal is then duplicated into the property with as little loss as possible. Essentially, if you are getting 5 bars of 4G on the outside of your building you should be expecting to receive something similar on the inside

How does a Signal Booster Work?

The system is split into 3 main areas.

1)      A Central Amplifier within the building to boost the signal whenever there is a lack of signal

2)     Next an antenna is situated externally to receive the initial mobile signal

3)     Lastly an internal antennas that take the enhanced signal from the amplifier and distribute around the required coverage area

What is The Solution Offered by NM Cabling Solutions?

Our solution requires an in-depth survey of the property. Therefore we start by initially looking at the routes for cabling required and the floor space to be covered by the signal. For this reason larger separate floors will usually require more units than a a single larger floor

To begin with an external antenna will be mounted at a high point on the building. In the first instance this usually the roof. Indeed in some occasions it will be on the side of the building. As a result the antenna will receive the signal from the nearest mast with the strongest signal.

Finally the data cabling is then installed to the internal signal boosters to allow the amplified signal to reach the boosters.  In addition this directs the signal to the correct frequency throughout the building.

Thus as long as the system is installed correctly by a specialist, this can give you the best possible outcome of full 4G as per the outside signal. Hence your employee mobile coverage and speeds will increase

Are Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Legal

Within the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater) (Exemption) Regulations 2018 that came into force on 12th April 2018 it was deemed that two types of repeaters would be legal when complying with required technical criteria. In summary those of static boosters for indoor use and those used within vehicles. Therefore it is ultimately the indoor static boosters are the region where we focus our installations

Where can Mobile Phone Signal Boosters be used?

Common areas of Mobile signal booster installation are as follows:

–        Underground Parking Garages, likewise basement areas

–        High Rise Offices such as Canary Wharf or The Leadenhall Building

–        Docklands Office Locations. Specifically we have worked in Butlers Wharf

–        Large Office buildings with large gaps to outside walls

–        Warehouses. Likewise Distribution Centres

–        Hospitals and Medical Centres

–        Retail Shops and Shopping Centres


In conclusion if you would like to know more about how mobile phone signal booster technology can help you please give us a call on 020 7269 4717 or complete the enquiry form here