Data Centre Cabling Installations

Structured Cabling for Data Centres

Professional data centre cabling installations to meet the unique needs of your business. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle the complexities of data centre environments, including high-density cabling, cable management, and thermal management. We can help you with the planning, installation and maintenance of your data centre infrastructure. We provide solutions for copper, fiber and power cabling, to ensure that your data centre stays connected and your data remains secure. Trust us to provide you with the best solution for your data centre cabling needs.

From initial cabling design to staged project management and implementation. NM Cabling provides a turnkey structured data centre cabling solution from single to multi-location data centres. Data centres primarily lead the way in new technology and infrastructure services. Therefore we ensure we remain at the forefront of structured cabling design and knowledge. Furthermore as standards and applications move towards Cat8 systems. We also offer a pre-term solution for copper and fibre optical cabling.

We are able to design the correct server cabinets, power and cold isle containment to suit your requirements for current and future needs. Therefore we are highly experienced working in live data centres, whether they be single client or shared occupancy cabinets, and offer 24/7 service to suit the most convenient installation.

Cabling Installations for Data Centres 

Data Cabling – Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8

As data centre technology and data centre cabling requirements increase we are able to offer installation of those evolving higher specification cables. Therefore the data centre cabling can either be installed and terminated on site or be installed as a pre terminated solution. In addition all installation are Fluke tested for peace of mind

Fibre Optic  Cabling 

In addition to the copper installations we are also able to offer fibre optic data center cabling installations. Whether the requirements are OM3, OM4, Om5 or Singlemode we have the expertise and equipment for every installation.

Data Centre Electrical Installations

Generally the weakest part of a data centre can be the electrical element of the data cabinet. In addition with the incorrect cabling design from the start no future growth is possible should requirements expand. In addition to the central data enter electrical systems we are able to install electrical wiring for the cabinet hardware and supported by UPS and generator installations

Pre Terminated Fibre and Copper Cabling

To avoid costly downtime within the data cabinets pre terminated fibre and copper cabling can be used. In addition with a pre terminated fibre or copper solution the time to install on site dramatically reduces. Furthermore no termination is required within the cabinet which helps avoid possible accidents to the existing infrastructure

Data Cabinet Tidy Services

When your data centre cabling is messy and full of incorrect length and mis-coloured patch leads you will have problems maintaining your IT network. Furthermore incorrect patching can lead to slower networks and accidentally cut offs for plugged in hardware either within the cabinet or out on the operational floor. Lastly messy cabinets have the added risk of electrical leads coming unplugged when technicians are working through a mass of cables. Subsequently the power is lost to the hardware and the whole network is lost

Data Centre Service and Maintenance

The infrastructure inside a data centre is constantly changing. Therefore service and maintenance should always be an important part of the cabling design. We are able to offer preventative maintenance and service call outs to suit client needs. You can read more on these service son our dedicated Service and Maintenance Page

Emergency Data Cabling Repairs

We have a team of expert technicians who are on hand to provide fast and effective solutions to businesses experiencing issues with their data cabling infrastructure.
From cable repair to fibre optic cable repair and testing.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

For more information on Data Centre Cabling Services please see our Data Centre Knowledge Page HERE

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