Client: Private | Sector: Data Cabling – Marine | Duration: 11 Months

Wellesley Yacht (Anedigmi) Data Cabling and refurbish

The Wellesley Yacht (ex Anedigmi) started refurbishment and upgrade in February 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. The yacht was extended by 6 metres and a total refurbishment was undertaken

The NM Cabling project involved the Yacht Data Cabling, Audio Visual, WIFI, IT and central control systems

Distributed television systems for both Europe and the USA were incorporated and distributed to 11 separates living areas on the boat such as Cabins, Living Spaces, Crew and Captains Cabin.

Distributed music systems were also installed, all controlled from a central server to these areas plus an additional 3 outdoor decks and a Beach Club at the rear of the boat

Two main salons had surround sound systems incorporated with 85inch Screens to create an internal cinema experience.

The yacht is also to have an outdoor cinema fitted on the 2nd phase of work in April 2016

Wellesley Yacht (Anedigmi) Data Cabling and refurbish -deck area

Due to the construction of the boat and the heavy metal, glass and power elements throughout a sophisticated design was required for the WIFI system throughout. The Wi-Fi would control the music throughout the boat so a 0% black spot coverage was required around the entire boat

The IT requirements throughout the boat were also undertaken by NMCabling. All the computers and printing systems were installed onto a central system and incorporated into the navigation and satellite control systems to allow the crew and Captain access throughout from one central PC and Tablet

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