Project: Fibre Optic London O2 Arena – Sky Bar

Client: Alpha Bristol | Sector: Fibre Optic Cabling -Events | Duration: 1 Month

Fibre Optic Cabling - O2 Arena-Sky Bar - NMC Case Study

Fibre Optic Cabling for the Audio Visual Cabling requirements throughout the SKY bar at the O2 Arena in London. A vast amount of fibre optic cabling was used to run the screens, projectors and audio visual equipment


NM Cabling were tasked with terminating, testing and setting up all the fibre optic cabling throughout the bar and entertainment area.

There was also a Cat6 cabling requirement throughout for local cabling and controls

The work had to be carried out under strict time-scales, health and safety and access requirements.


Fibre optic cabling terminations were undertaken in the main communications area and off access towers in the main areas due to the height that the projectors and screens were mounted, creating a challenging installation

Fibre Optic -O2 Arena – Sky Bar, London – See the full Case study

Project: Imagination 25 Store Street, London

Client: Imagination Group / Abbeymead Building | Sector: Marketing | Duration: 12 Months

Imagination Data Cabling AtriumImagination are a worldwide marketing / branding company, during 2015 their head office based in Central London was completely re-furbished

The project involved data cabling, fibre optic cabling, floor boxes and containment, electrical installation, lighting and Audio Visual cabling

There are 6 floors on the front of the building where screed trunking and floor boxes were involved. There are 5 floors on the rear which are standard floor tile false floor installation requiring a range of expertise and service

Other areas included a display gallery, reception areas, security offices, restaurant and meeting rooms and boardrooms.

There is a central atrium area where lighting and data cabling needed to be installed via a high level boom lift

The time-scales throughout the project were very precise and tight due to the nature of the building remaining an operational office throughout the project. Each floor was phased in 2-3 week periods creating a fast track installation across all areas

Specialised areas were also included in the project due to the nature of Imagination’s operations. Edit suites with sound and vision editing equipment were installed; project design rooms with projectors, displays and specialised lighting were also part of the project

There was also a high end AV and IT laboratory which incorporated flood wiring of Electrical Cabling, Data Cabling and Audio Visual cabling links.

Imagination Group Data Cabling Lighting and AV – See the full Case study

Project: Fibre Optic Cabling – Bournemouth Pier

Client: Infologic | Sector: Public | Duration: 1 Week

Fibre Optic Cabling Installation Bournemouth Pier

The main administration office and main incoming ISP and server are separated by a marine grade fibre link from one end of the Pier to the otherBournemouth Pier Fibre Optic Cabling Case Study

Due to general wear and tear on the previous Fibre Optic Cabling a new fibre link was required to be installed by NM Cabling on behalf of the Pier operator

The cabling had to be installed and secured under the pier itself and co-ordinated with the tides due to safety constrictions and feasibility of installation.

The Cabling also had to be marine grade to withstand the hostile environments associated with the pier and its location

Fibre Optic Cabling- Bournemouth Pier- See the full Case Study

Project: Leadenhall Building “The Cheesegrater” – London

Client: Stadium Wireless / Broadgate | Sector: Office | Duration: 5 Months

Cabling installation for the wireless internet (WIFI ) systems through the 50 floors and 4 Basements of the  Leadenhall Building London “The Cheesegrater” wireless internet (WIFI ) systems Basement installationLeadenhall Building, in cooperation with Stadium Wireless, NM Cabling installed the fibre optic backbones, localised copper cables and Wi-Fi units for the WIFI installation partner

The wireless network was for the coverage of the maintenance engineers and support staff of the building. This involved the cabling having to also being installed on the outside of the building to cover the window cleaning staff

The Wi-Fi system was specified by XIRRUS and a total of 250 hotspot access points were installed.

Internal and external wireless access points with separate coaxial antenna’s were installed. These were placed in the outer skin of the building where there was a suspended walkway around each floor up to the 45th

The challenge of the project was the sheer size of the building and having to work over so many floors for the majority of the installation.

Fibre optic cables had to run from the 3rd Basement to floors Leadenhall-Building-London-“The-Cheesegrater”-wireless-internet-WIFI-systems-Cable-runs15,30 and 45 which involved, in the worst case scenario, 48 riser doors to access and install through

The main communications room was based in the 3rd basement and supplied 4 basement areas.

A combination of scaffold towers, scissor lifts and boom lifts were required to further enhance the complexity of the project.

The outside public areas were also covered by the wireless internet so that employees, visitors and staff using the communal garden space could login in, learn about the building and access free internet services

Leadenhall Building London “The Cheesegrater” wireless internet (WIFI ) systems – See the full Case Study

Project: Luxury Apartment, Knightsbridge

Client: Private | Sector: Residential | Duration: 11 Months

This 2 bedroom luxury Apartment in Knightsbridge, London incorporated 6 Televisions and 8 Audio zones including bathroom televisions and music

Due to the minimalistic design not one element of the audio visual system was placed in AV-Cabling-Luxury-Apartment--Knightsbridgethe rooms but rather in a central communication area  and distributed over Cat6 cabling to each room for Television, and audio.

This allowed each of the televisions to hang as “picture frames” and have no sign of wires or controllers

Due to a limited amount of space for storage and design, the entire communications system was located centrally and distributed HDMI over cat6 freeing  furniture for use rather than storage of AV equipment and leads

It also allowed the 6 televisions to share the incoming satellite signals and channels

Mirrored Bathroom Televisions were installed to use as vanity mirrors and then as a AV-Project-Bathroom-Mirror TVstelevision linked to the main central communications for a choice of Sky and Foreign Satellite and well as linking to the central music library

Stealth speakers were used throughout the whole house so not a single speaker could be seen. These speakers were installed in the fabric of the building, plastered over and then painted along with the rest of the room to completely hide the speakers without reducing sound quality

A Nuvo sound system was installed throughout, each room having a colour keypad showing the central music library by album cover, song, genre and even with a party mode for instant play throughout

These control units shared a central library enabling everyone to play separate music on call from a local source

Luxury Apartment, Knightsbridge- See the full Case Study

Project: The Wellesley Yacht Completed Project

Client: Saba Shipping | Sector: Marine | Duration: 11 months

Luxury Yacht Audio Visual Marine Installations: The Wellesley Yacht is an extension of the luxury Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge and The Wellesley Yacht Data Cable and AV Projectwas designed in the same style, design and attention to high quality finishes and systems

The entire boat was entirely refurbished and NM Cabling’s remit was to install a distributed Television and Audio system throughout the 4 Bedrooms, Saloon and Games room

The focus was on being able to create a high end system that could also be contained into the small confines of a yacht

The yacht was also refurbished in Loana, Italy to add to the challenge

To distribute the 6 satellite boxes throughout , a 8 x 8 Wyrestorm Matrix was incorporated and everything was communicated using HDMI over Cat6 systems. This gave the yacht flexibility and the ability to upgrade from one central point

This was all contained within one central control cabinet

Centrally based Sonos was used for the audio system due to its ability to be flexible and The Wellesley Yacht Data Cabling Installation Project - interiorthe ease of use for guest charters , such as being able to play their own music directly onto the system as well as use the central music library

Special attention was also given to the speakers throughout the boat and any equipment that was fitted. All speakers had to be marine grade due to high exposure to salt and the elements.

All the equipment had to be firmly secured and bolted down, including control leads due to the nature of the excessive movement of the boat during transport and the possibility of equipment jarring loose.

More about Luxury Yacht Audio Visual Marine Installations

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Project: Tower of London – Poppy Appeal

Client: Digital Avenue | Sector: Event Wifi | Duration: 1 Month

For the 2014 Poppy appeal DIGITAL AVENUE installed a WIFI system throughout the outskirts of the Tower of London so that visitors could log onto cloud WIFI, learn about the event and make donations

WIFI units were placed around the entire Tower Moat railings, to which each required a Cat6 data cable back to central data switches which were linked by fibre optic cabling back to the main controller

The work had to be carried out under strict guidelines from the Towers facilities team due to the delicate nature, historical listing and corrosion of the old existing structure

Great care also had to be taken to work alongside the team of volunteers who were planting the display flowers at the same time as the cabling was installed

To access the final WIFI locations on these railings surrounding the Tower, bespoke fixings and solutions had to be resolved as no drilling or fixings were permitted to the wall of the moat. However the installation had to be sturdy enough to prevent a breakdown, or accidental damage to the cable

To prevent damage by rodents, steel tapered armoured fibre optic cable had to be used steel tapered armoured fibre optic cablewhich brought its own complications due to the increased technical nature in installing the cable especially without the ability to clip the cable to the external walls as it was installed

Tower of London – Poppy Appeal – See the full Case Study

Project: Avtrade Global Aviation Component Support

Client: Excell Group | Sector: Aviation | Duration: 6 Months

Excell Group are the telecommunications provider for Avtrade and for their new head

A V Trade building view

office in Sayers Common, NM Cabling were procured for the data cabling works
throughout the warehouses, offices and plant rooms.

The project expanded into the cabling then being installed for the CCTV, door entry, Wi-Fi and PA systems for each of the hardware providers

The installation within the warehouse was all high level off boom lifts and scheduled in with a busy fit out of the warehouse racking and equipment and well as the construction work of other trades in the area

The presence of the warehouse racking, created some project management considerations regarding the location of cabling, the ability to run the cabling on the tray, around and through the racks and the limited amount of space to work in

The offices were installed using a grommet and GOP box design.

This allowed the cabling to be brought up inside the desks and then the ability to put the cabling back down into the floor and allow for flexibility in office desk layouts

There were also fibre optic cabling links throughout the building  and location to link to front gate entrances and link to Phases 2-4 of the site.

Avtrade New Global Headquarters – the UK Warehouse & Logistics Hub completes the first phase of Avtrade’s new global HQ development. With the Phase 2 offices plus 12,800 sq mtr extension to the new warehouse completion during 2014 to accommodate the expanding business.

Avtrade new head office – Full Cabling Case study document

Project: The Sanctuary – Westminster Abbey

Client: Lee Bolton Monier Williams | Sector: Solicitors | Duration: 3 months

VoIP System Installation Westminster Abbey

In 2014 LBMW decided to upgrade their existing telephone system to a VOIP system.The Sanctuary – Westminster Abbey

Due to old legacy cabling  there was a requirement to upgrade the existing data cabling infrastructure to a Cat6 system over 5 floors

A satellite cabinet was placed on each floor and linked over fibre optic cabling backbones to the main communications room

From these cabinets local wiring was installed to the desk locations for Computers and Telephone connections

The works involved a high level of project management as all works had to be conducted out of hours with special attention to events on at Westminster Abbey when noisy works of any kind and deliveries had to be avoided.

Also the ground floor panelling was listed so creative routing was required in these areas for the installation

The works were completed over a series of weekends – ahead of schedule

The Sanctuary – Westminster Abbey – Full Cabling Case study document

Project: Audio Visual and Data Cabling Installation on a Luxury Yacht – Italy – preliminary stages

Audio Visual Installations on a Yacht are similar to Other Residential AV Installations and Commercial AV Installations except for one main difference.Audio Visual Installations on a Luxury Yacht

There is very little room to put anything and even less room to run the AV Cabling between it all. And that’s before you counter in 60-70 people working in a very small space on all elements of the boat

Some of the main considerations for AV installations on a Yacht are:

*There is very little space, solutions need to be bespoke, hidden and practical

*The boat moves (a lot!) when in the water so everything has to be fixed down in a bespoke way and the cables secured at all spaces

*You get one chance only to get it right. The boat is made of moulded furniture, panels and outskirts. When fitting the equipment it must be right first time as if one area is wrong the whole moulding has to be changed.

*The data cabling has to be very well planned. The AV Cabling routes are very tight and small so you need to run them all in one go and not over several visits

*Everything gets wet. All the equipment installed needs to be Marine Proof, not only against water but salt. All the controls systems such as iPads have protective waterproof cases

Luxury Yacht Installation – Full Cabling Case study document