Kensington Data Cabling

NM Cabling has started work on a major Kensington data cabling installation. The project consists of electrical wiring and data cabling installation to a 6500 square foot new build penthouse in Kensington, London.


The penthouse is to be newly built and situated on top of an existing 8 story apartment block close to High Street Kensington.

Kensington Penthouse Data Cabling


Consisting of 68 apartments over 8 floors, the building is undergoing a total refurbishment and upgrade along with a new floor to be added on top of the building

Modular Construction

The penthouse has been created in modular form and is to be installed over a single weekend in 28 separate modular “Pods”. The electrical wiring and structured cabling for the apartment floor services all required pre installation of wiring before positioning of the modular sections were put into place.

Fibre Optic Cabling

The first phase is to install new single mode fibre optic cabling as a backbone for the soon to be relocated satellite and aerial locations which will move on the roof to accommodate the new penthouse apartment. The complete electrical cabling will then follow once the structure is in place.

Data Cabling Installation Kensington Penthouse

Audio Visual and Smart Systems

The overall installation will include a full smart lighting and audio visual systems as well as cat6a structured cabling network, WIFI, security and smart home functionality.

The project presents some interesting challenges as it adding to the existing structure while maintaining the integrity of current services. The major challenge with the construction is in not only creating the new cabling infrastructure but also maintaining its links and functionality to the overall apartment building security access and communications links


Electrical Installation

This important data cabling project will also include installation of new containment and electrical installation to accommodate and power the new cabling installation

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