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Is your data cabling company using industry specific engineers?

What are data cabling trained engineers?

A data cabling company will undertake the design, implementation and installation of all data cables. These will originate from a cabinet to several different locations throughout a commercial space, warehouse, and residential home or similar buildings.

In addition to installing new systems data cabling is a large part of moves and changes when restructuring or moving an office

Data cabling company engineers need to have the ability to know the following about installing data cabling

1)     How every category of cable (Cat5e through Cat8) needs to be installed with regards to

a.      Distance

b.     Bend radius of the cable

c.      Its separation from interference such as power cables

d.     Its termination limits and standards

e.     The industry specific termination standards

2)     Installing the correct containment to contain the data cabling

3)     How to setup and test each type of cable with a certification tester such as a Fluke DSX

4)     How to install cables into a communications room cabinet and to allow for technology equipment

5)     How to patch in neatly patch leads from the equipment to the patch panels

6)     Troubleshooting when testing shows errors on cabling installation

Training standards and Qualifications

These elements of installation are covered in industry specific training and experience form installing all kinds of cabling systems in many different environments

In addition training standards are backed by organisations such as BICSI, CITY and Guilds, IPAF and cable manufacturers’ vendor training

Without properly trained engineers installing the system how can you be sure your network cabling project is being installed correctly.

Furthermore non trained engineers will be unable to correctly use data cabling test equipment and by not using industry testers the cabling installation quality is unknown

How can you be sure the correct system is installed and working for all elements of your IT and Telephone hardware and will it pass with full test results

Key Questions regarding fully trained network cabling engineers

  • Ask for documentation and certificates of specific data cabling training
  • Ask for copies of the individual companies manufacturer training and ability to warranty data cabling systems
  • Request examples of previous test results on other projects
  • Ask for reference sites of similar projects